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In December 2016, Positive Impact brought together members of the Japanese event industry at Cerespo's Head office in Tokyo Japan. Cerespo is an event production company in Japan, focused on sporting events as well as being a valued partner of Positive Impact's. During this annual seminar, Cerespo's staff and external peers and partners gathered to discuss what a sustainable event industry looks like for them and the journey they envisage to get there. 

Below is the outcome of the exercise and demonstrates what sustainability means to the attendees, why we should be more sustainable and what help do we need to do so. 

At Cerespo, we devote ourselves to bringing happiness to our surroundings and to creating a bright society through events. To achieve these goals, we have adopted a sustainable approach by creating and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, and operating the company with minimized negative impacts on social, environmental and economic aspects. And that is why we work with Positive Impact to create this roadmap.
— Nobuaki Koshikawa, Cerespo

As part of our 2018 #CollaborateforGood campaign we are going to create and share 100 Roadmaps to demonstrate how the global event industry understands the power of events and is committed to a sustainable future. A Roadmap is a visual plan that communicates where you want to get to, and can be shared with your customers and supply chain. A good Roadmap will have at least one objective which your customers and supply chain can help you achieve and a number of inspiring ideas and tactics which you can work towards. 

Here at Positive Impact we have developed a FREE template with some basic instructions that can help you to create your own Roadmap. Also if you feel that you need some help, get in contact with us and we will help you in creating a Roadmap that will bring transparency and clarity from the bigger picture down to smallest actionable task across all members in your company. Just get in touch!

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