Female Leadership

Female leadership

At Positive Impact, our mission is to create a sustainable event industry. We have seen the power that the event industry has to lead global change and inspire new thinking across sectors, so we want to harness this power and create a world that works for everyone, filled with equal opportunities for all. Female leadership is a key part of this vision! 

A future of female leaders

With women working across all levels of the event industry, it's so important to empower women across the globe to create a movement of change and move the events industry towards a more sustainable future. By shining a spotlight on the incredible work, skills and ambitions of influential women, we hope to promote the power of female leadership and inspire other women to follow their dreams.


Even in 2016, women are regularly severely underestimated, especially in a corporate environment, however,  the strong, female led team at Positive Impact believe this needs to stop and the special skill set that women possess needs to be promoted and celebrated! An article on Forbes website highlighted the fact that women possess a wealth of undervalued leadership traits, including being opportunity driven, strategic, passionate, entrepreneurial, purposeful and meaningful.  We, at Positive Impact, also believe that women are naturally nurturing and compassionate which are great skills when collaborating! 

Interview with Sandja from Refresh Agency, Meredith a Freelance Artist Liaison Manager and Tara from GreenDreamsWomen

We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with three female leaders in the events industry, Sandja from Refresh Agency; Meredith, a freelance artist liaison manager and Tara from Green Dreams Women. In the following interview, we look into how women can sometimes be their own worst enemy and the challenges that leaders face. Listen to the whole interview below...