Life Below Water

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life below Water, promotes the importance marine conservation and healthy marine ecosystems. This month, Positive Impact is focussing on how the events industry can protect, conserve and promote sustainable use of marine resources.

Monthly Interview

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing an inspirational environmental activist Doris Ragletti, who we spoke to about collaboration, the Declaration of Rights for Mother Nature and how the events industry can help ‘Life Below Water.’

‘I believe if the UN were to adopt this declaration, acknowledging nature as a living being, it would change the focus of the United Nations and it would cause a shift from the current anthropocentric world view to the necessary earth centred world view. Which would really put our focus on the earth and a truly sustainable future. We all depend on nature.’
— Doris Ragletti on The Declaration of Rights for Mother Nature

Doris Ragletti’s Top Tips

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“Invest in organisations which work to achieve the SDG goal, such as charities which work on clean energy for reforestation or support women in africa and asia for a sustainable future.”

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“Make a difference in easy steps. Reduce, reuse and recycle!”

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“Come from the heart and do events without stuff. Without fancy brochures... that has always been at my heart and look at our collaboration, it was just being human and the loving and commitment of everyone involved. That made it real and we didn't take a lot of things... it was the joy of doing all this together and the love for it that really made it work.”

Featured Case Study

At Positive Impact we know it is only possible to tell the story of the power of events in collaboration. This year our theme is #CollaborateForGood and as part of this, we are creating media collaborations that make a difference.

This month we looked at our collaboration with Royal Caribbean International, and what they’ve been doing for the oceans - check it out to the right!

We also looked at the roadmap we created with IBTM to map out to tell the story of the power of events and how to create a sustainable event industry! If you would like your own roadmap click the button to the right and create your own roadmap for FREE or for a tailored one contact us at

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