See our top tips on how to have a sustainable Christmas this year!

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  1. Reduce the animal products on your plate. I know Christmas is all about the turkey, pigs in blankets and fancy cheeses, but think to yourself, is it really necessary? With animal agriculture responsible for producing more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation worldwide and being the leading cause of habitat loss, deforestation and water pollution, why not substitute an animal product for a vegan-friendly substitute this Christmas. 

  2. Find alternatives to wrapping paper. Did you know that most wrapping papers aren't recyclable? Glossy or metallic wrapping paper is difficult to recycle, so why not this Christmas, wrap your presents in environmentally-friendly wrapping paper, made of hemp or recycled paper and tie it with string instead of ribbon. 

  3. Gift smart. How many of us have received gifts that we never use? When consumption in the Western world is skyrocketing and our landfills and oceans can't keep up, why not make a gift by hand from environmentally-friendly materials, re-gift something you on't use or gift an experience instead!

  4. Decorate consciously. Christmas lights are probably one of the best things about Christmas. The face of your children when they see a whole house decked out with flashing lights! But this doesn't mean the environment has to suffer. Reduce the size of displays, use LED lights and make sure you turn off the lights before you go to bed.

  5. Make this the season of giving. Received a present you don't like? Have a cupboard's full worth of food you didn't cook? Why not give it to charity and homeless shelters! Whilst December is the festive season for us, for many people, as the temperatures drop and the conditions get harsher, it is the most difficult time of the year. Click here to find your nearest food bank.