The Legacy of Sustainable Events

Events have an opportunitiy to leave a lasting legacy. When we say legacy, we don't mean having a positive impact on just the community and destination involved with the event, but it has the power to inspire other events accross the globe too. Take the London 20121 Olympic Games for instance, they set out the mission to be the most sustainable games ever and inspired other events accross the globe to be sustainable too. This legacy is 'long-lasting' as London 2012 still inspires people accross the globe to this very day. Not only event professionals, but also individuals who have been touched by the event and have decided to live more sustainable lives as a result. So events have the huge potential to change attitudes and behaviours accross the globe, they really are quite amazing! 

We decided to get David Stubbs Opinion on legacy. He delved into how the London 20121 Olympic and Paralympic games left behind a legacy and why he thinks it is important for all events to do so. See the full interview in the document below...

Kim Myhre, Managing Director FreemanXP

We also had the amazing opportunitiy to chat with FreemanXP's very own Kim Myhre this month. We wanted to find out a little more about what 'legacy' meant to him in terms of an event and brands. As the Managing Director at FreemanXP, Kim has a wealth of knowledge and shares what differences he's seen over the past 5 years with companies incorporating sustainable initiatives to create a legacy for their event or brand. Listen to the full interview below... 

Mike Shea, Executive Director at SXSW

This month we have been super chatty, we also spoke to SXSW's Executive Director about how the meetings and events industry could potentially learn from the legacies that Festivals create. He questions whether festivals client base are more concerned and vocal about the need to sustainable initiatives. Read the full interview below: