Top Ten Tips to help the events industry lead in the global goal to implement the Paris agreement and Sustainable Development Goals

Top Ten Tips

Our theme of the month is "6 months on: are events leading with the Paris agreement? How does this link to the Sustainable Development Goals?" According to the latest findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), without urgent action, climate change will bring severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts on all the world's people and ecosystems. With aims to keep the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, substantial and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by all countries is essential. Therefore, the events industry needs to set an example and lead on implementing changes to help reach these goals and show good practice for others to follow.

1. Track Progress 

Use transparent and accountable systems to track progress toward long-term goals. This will encourage clear communication and outline what actions are needed to reach goals.

2. Report

Report monthly to all employees and stakeholders on the progress made towards targets. Doing so will keep targets in mind to ensure focus is not lost.

3. Share Impacts of Climate Change 

Share what impact climate change has had on your surroundings with stakeholders. This will encourage an open communication that will help stakeholder realise the effect and help them adapt and deal with it.

4. Support Communities 

Support surrounding communities when an impact of climate change has occurred. Encouraging community spirit will help build a support network and implement change to help tackle climate change.


5. Be Prepared 

Put in place early warning systems, emergency preparedness and risk insurance and communicate their use and need to stakeholders. This will enhance understanding, actions and support.

6. Work Together 

Work with other responsible candidates to uphold and promote regional and international cooperation. By working together, more responsible actions will be taken and knowledge will be shared.

7. Set Clear Goals 

Setting clear, specific, ambitious and fair goals will make communication more effective and lead to more responsible actions.

8. Set Yearly Goals 

Set yearly, five and ten-year goals. Doing so will help track your progress and give employees more clarity on what actions need to happen to reach them.

9. Consider Transport 

Too often is transport forgotten in Events. Put in place public transport motivations for your event attendees. This could be free shuttle buses, discounted train fare - everything helps to get your attendees to be more sustainable!

10. Veganism 

It’s the most sustainable diet in the world so why not introduce more vegan options when contacting suppliers or coming up with your menu options at events. Consideration of this diet can make a huge difference!